Journey Out Of Time (unreleased album)

by Eternal Wanderers

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"Journey Out Of Time" is the Eternal Wanderers' unreleased experimental album. The tracks for this album were recorded in 2004, revised in 2008, and mastered in 2009. The album differs dramatically from all other EW's discography and can be attributed to the genre of electronic / electroacoustic music.

All the tracks are united with the idea of a Spirit wandering in the interstellar space for uncounted years, through parallel worlds, past and future. In this journey the listener together with the Spirit ponders over the laws of space, witnesses different scenes of the lost worlds.
The concept of the album is the unison in diversity, the idea that life, in all its manifestations be it joy or grief, happiness or anxiety is but a fleeting glimpse in immense depths of space and time, which have the laws of their own. The theme of these laws, of unknown parts of the Universe opens the album in the composition "Intersection Of Parallels".

Glimpses of life the Spirit encounters in its journey can be found in "The Great Burning And The Grinding Ice" and "Crying Into Hollow Spaces". The former is about great hardships and sufferings of passing the strait covered with ice (the theme was inspired with an episode from The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien). The latter is about the catastrophe of the land having sunk into the sea with everything that was so dear.

But it all comes and goes in space, dispersing in Eternity. The fourth track "Lamentation Among The Stars" symbolizes the space between worlds, the inconceivable depths of the cosmos, where the wandering Spirit hears a voice, perhaps simply sounding inside, a lamentation for all that was fair, and that is lost.

And in the end, all troubles, joy and sorrow give place to peace and calm of Eternity. The Spirit goes on an on, for years uncounted… This is the idea of the last composition "Journey Out Of Time". It symbolizes the eternal journey itself, and in the end just Space remains, and the listener hears the echoes of the scenes that the Spirit has seen. But they disappear, and peace of the Universe restores.


released January 15, 2017

Music & lyrics by Elena Kanevskaya and Tatyana Kanevskaya
Mixed and produced by Elena Kanevskaya and Tatyana Kanevskaya
Elena Kanevskaya - vocals, voices, keyboards, samplers
Tatyana Kanevskaya - guitar, voice, keyboards, samplers

Mastered at Capitel studio, Moscow by Ilya Dontsov
Cover art & design by Dmitry Filippov



all rights reserved
Track Name: Intersection Of Parallels
The axiom of geometry says:
Line is infinite,
It has no beginning and no end.
Parallel lines never intersect.

Surface is infinite,
It has no beginning and no end.
Parallel surfaces never intersect.
Lines lying in parallel surfaces
Never intersect either.

World is infinite,
It has no sides, no beginning, and no end.
Parallel worlds never intersect.
Nothing comprised inside them
Intersects either.

Time is the point where parallels may intersect,
and may not.

Are the axioms of geometry really true in the Universe?

After millions years of wanderings
I'll come to the point
Where parallels intersect,
Where time disappears,
Where space loses dimensions,
Where essence opens.
The point of the beginning
of the Universe,
of energy,
of consciousness...
Track Name: The Great Burning And The Grinding Ice
Track Name: Crying Into Hollow Spaces
I'm crying into hollow spaces,
And the shadow of grief sleeping deep
is creeping on me like a cloud,
I have come back again where once was my home,
To the world of my memories
which turned sullen and cold.

From the yawning black windows of an edifice
mighty and ancient
Now wrapped in a shroud of death and devastation
Turbulent unchecked streams of water rush out,
All the land is direfully flooded around.

The omnivorous water sways the sceptre
Over erstwhile opulent chambers,
It sneers and roars, collapses and smashes
In the pale ashen moonbeams streaming from heavens.

[Oh, look, it is his ship! Hail! Hail!
At last you have returned. I was missing. Come, tell me, surely you were a welcome guest there. Why are you silent?.. But what is it? What is it?!]

Till everything is gone
I want to feel your hand again,
I want to see the candles burn
And to remind spring blossom
Till everything is gone.

Till everything is gone
I want to look into your eyes again
And hear the song well-known
And think of home so dear and warm
Till everything is gone –

And to the timeless void I'm sent to roam!


Ages have passed since in my soul settled
Void of cosmic abysses and incurable pain
Doom has mercy to none and its judgements are callous
And there's shapeless disorder
instead of woods washed by rain.

There appear among sunk cathedrals
Bizarre freakish creatures of ominous races,
Where is blossom? Where is music ethereal?
I'm calling, I'm crying to hollow spaces…
Track Name: Lamentation Among The Stars
Track Name: Journey Out Of Time
I am a spirit
Wandering along interstellar space.
For how many ages I've been wandering
I don't know,
It's a journey out of time.

In my journey out of time
I'll come to the point
Where parallels intersect,
I'll see lost worlds
That were gone many thousands years ago,
Great burning, grinding ice,
I'll hear fair voices that burst
Through the wailing of cold winds,
Roaring of all-powerful water
Rushing unchecked from ruined chambers…
And among the stars,
In cold hollow spaces
I'll hear a voice from nowhere
Singing a lamentation
For all that was fair, and that is lost…
I'll go on and on, eternally…

No-one will see what I have seen,
No-one will hear what I have heard.
The journey is not over,
It will never end,
For it's a journey out of time.