So Far And So Near

by Eternal Wanderers

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Sometimes dreams, visions, fantasy worlds, stars and galaxies seem closer than the human reality... This is the main idea of the composition "So Far And So Near", and it has become the central idea of the Eternal Wanderers' album of the same name.

The album contains 8 art/progressive/psychedelic rock compositions with total time 64 minutes. Many of them include the orchestral elements.
Within the central idea of the album the compositions touch such topics as the beginning of the World ("And The World Will Be"), beauty lost in wars of all times and sadness that remains ("Mounds"), thoughts about the Man and Fate ("Thread Of Love"), hardly amenable to reason energy of light ("Energy Of Light").

The idea determines the mood of the music - from purely sad "And I Will Follow", solemn "And The World Will Be" to expressive "Energy Of Light" and "As You Wish, I Care Not".


released July 1, 2011

Elena Kanevskaya: vocals, keyboards, samplers
Tatyana Kanevskaya: guitars, backing vocals, samplers
Dmitry Shtatnov: bass, backing vocals, theremin
Sergey Rogulya: drums, percussion
Dmitry Drogunov: flutes, voices

Sergey Nikonorov: drums at And The World Will Be, Thread Of Love, And I Will Follow
Leonid Semirukhin: trumpet
Mikhail Mirity: trombone
Anton Baltsevich: oboe
Anton Nikita: French horn
Georgy Mansurov: clarinet
Dmitry Shishkin: violin
Denis Pashchenko: violin
Dmitry Efimov: violin
Sergey Sivolgin: violin
Pavel Bezinsky: viola
Sergey Shavrin: viola
Alena Babakhodzhayeva: cello

Music and lyrics by Elena Kanevskaya and Tatyana Kanevskaya
Produced by Elena Kanevskaya and Tatyana Kanevskaya
Mixed at Capitel Studio, Moscow by Ilya Dontsov
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York City by Graham Goldman
Photos by Irina Tchudakova
Cover art and design by Dima Filippov



all rights reserved
Track Name: And The World Will Be
In the dark chasm of timeless night,
In the fathomless depths of Mind
There’ll arise the celestial song,
And Undying Flame will burn.

Into the garlands of stars it will burst,
Far and wide music will disperse,
And from the Vision of Spirits unseen
There will appear the place of Dream.

And the World will Be…

Mountains kingly and high will rise
Under never-ending skies,
Waves in mighty seas will heave,
Dark green woods will sadly breathe.

And when their blissful home is wrought
Children of inmost celestial Thought
Will dwell here, and serene and fair
Will be their songs in the fresh sea air.

And the World will Be…

And in every deep recess
There will live the Music blessed,
Crying sadly in the shower,
Sighing in the evening hour,

Woven in light of innumerable stars,
Fading in whispers of rustling grass,
Deeper than depths of the roaring sea,
Higher than skies where the wind’s flying free.

And the World will Be…
Track Name: Mounds
In the distant land
Sullen mounds stand.
Sad are their tales
Of the dark and glorious days…

Once clouds closed the Sun,
Grim times had begun.
All were mustered for the war
To confront the deadly foe.

Death with eerie might
Waylays in the fight
Sternly it draws near
And stabs you with its hideous spear.

Falling down you make the stroke
Panting in the poisoned smoke,
Scorched lips whisper farewell,
The sight dissolves in the hazy veil.

How many ones so fair
Fell in battles of despair,
But still in the fading world
Their banners stand unfurled.

Time passed, and where blood had flown
Now sullen mounds have grown.
Raindrops washed the bloody stains,
But so far the grief remains.
Track Name: Energy Of Light
Glorious cities crashed down to stones
Leaving dead air with
Stray souls' helpless groans,
Searchlights stand like giants
In the dark of night
Emitting cold, surrealistic and lifeless
Energy of light.
Track Name: A New Day Will Come
The light of old orange alien suns
Faded, and the realm of stars
Opened its mighty door.
But disturbed is the dark of space,
For there came relentless days
Of the reckless war.

In the endless cosmic night
Impetuous is your starship's flight
Through energies unseen
With lightsaber in your hand
The might of Darkness you'd withstand
Never giving in.

And a new day will come
There'll arise ancient sun,
Time of hatred and pain
Will be left behind
And the stars will behold
The awakening world
That will breath anew
And rejoice to Life and Light.

The core of things no one ever knew
Has opened to your insight view
By cosmic mystery
Never has your heart denied
The truth that you could feel inside,
From which you wouldn't flee.

Lost in thoughts you would stand alone
Stars shining in heavens dome
So far and so near
Flames light up your deep grey eyes
Fading in the dark of skies
Serene and clear.

Track Name: Thread Of Love
In pitch darkness of the night
From the sky fell lurid light
In the tempest you stood still
With a wound that will not heal.
Though the roads you took be ever sad and wrong
You still have to live and try to carry on
In unceasing search for some illusive comfort.

Come, for a moment forget of your doom,
See, a ray’s broken out of the gloom and cold
To the fading world.
Now when it seems that all hope is lost
And your worn-out heart's gonna burst in two
To the thread of love you hold.

And you damn yourself inside
Tears of grief you cannot hide.
Hellish power you would excel,
Strong and grim like doom itself.
In your life accursed by force severe and stern
Muster up your will and try to carry on
Though heavy be the steps of fate you hear.

Cherished dreams turn to dust
So a final die is cast
Your eyes depth is dark and fair
As sere leaves fly in the air.
When in life accursed your mind is ruined and torn
And there's nothing left for you to carry on
There's no force that can bereave you of the choice.

Track Name: And I Will Follow
Weary and silent
You stopped over deep in thought,
Bliss of the far land
Was just the song of old.
Flickering softly
Arose a frail blue star.
Hear the high wind groaning
And the dark waves roaring afar.

Lead through the gloom and fading,
Icy rocks cold and drear,
Where nothing more is waiting
But wells of sorrow.
Where the stars are shining
Over the rolling sea
And the forsaken quay
And I will follow.

Wraiths of the black days
Often would haunt your mind,
Dear wounded places
Were left long ago behind
When you departed
To find just more bitter end…
Still the world was turning,
Deathless fire burning beyond.

Lead through despair and tears
Over the paths of stone
Where beds of ancient rivers
Are drained and hollow,
Where lurking grief and memories
Turn to a marvellous song
Flowing in the rays of dawn
And I will follow.

Lead through the mists and doubt
Fissures and endless frost,
Whatever fate’s about
To bring tomorrow.
Lead to the realm of missing
And let the gate out be closed,
And time be lost
And I will follow.