The Door To A Parallel World

by Eternal Wanderers

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The debut album of Eternal Wanderers


released March 1, 2008

Elena Kanevskaya: vocals, keyboards, recorder
Tatyana Kanevskaya: guitar, bass (track 4)
Dmitry Shtatnov: bass
Sergey Nikonorov: drums
Sergey Alyamkin: drums (track 5)

Mouth harp for "Too Close To Heavens": Mikhail Kanevsky

Music and lyrics by Elena Kanevskaya and Tatyana Kanevskaya
Produced by Elena Kanevskaya &Tatyana Kanevskaya
Mixing & mastering: Millennium studio by Ilya Dontsov
Cover art & design: Mike Lanin
Photography: Dmitry Shtatnov, Irina Tchudakova, Elena Kanevskaya

Spesial thanks to: Olga Shtatnova, Irina Tchudakova, Mikhail Kanevsky, Georgy Belov



all rights reserved
Track Name: How Long I'd Been Facing The Dark
How long I’d been facing the dark
Till I met you
How long I’d been suffering your love
Till you left me
How long I’d been crying in the rain
Till the rainbow arrayed the sky
How long will I live on this earth
till it comes
Time to die.

How long I’d seen restless dreams
Till the sun rose
How long I’d been blinded with light
Till the stars opened
How long I’d been strangely quiet
Till at last I was struck by pain
And despair had been rending me
till I felt
Free again.


And the gates opened,
Mist of clouds hid me
As they melt I saw the star to lead me
Where the trees faded
Days of songs ended
Where just stray spirits of old will meet me.

How long I’d been climbing steep slopes
Till I made the halt
I’d been searching then long with my eyes
Till I knew where to look for my road.
How long I’d been trembling with cold
Till warm rays made flowers bloom
And the tune out of centuries past
Broke the gloom.

Track Name: Ride Without End
Wandering alone among rocks morose and sheer
Sullen forests, rivers and hills
His cloak is weather-stained, but his voice is strong and clear,
The power of a king it reveals.

Ride along, o Elendil’s heir!
Let the fresh wind take weariness away,
Your sword is sharp, your heart is fair,
Who knows where you’ll meet the coming day?

The horns call for a war, evil forces have awaken,
Torches light the blackness of night.
Sacred ties of friendship never will be shaken,
Helping in the desperate fight.

Just hold on, o Elendil’s heir!
Don’t give up hope, the dawn will soon arise!
Its first rays will play in your hair,
And kindle again the fire in your eyes.

Ride along, o Elendil’s heir!
Through joy and peril, world without end,
Out of time, no one guesses where,
A marvellous vision in the fading land.
Track Name: Too Close To Heavens
Be it so! These endless heights,
Stern, attracting, covered with ice.
Luminous stars over vast crevasses
Cleaving cold like grave immortal glaciers.

What’s the practical sense and the goal?
It’s inside — this peremptory call.
One idea drives demented
Now sanity can’t be mended
at all.

Your soul flew away with the roamer-wind
When you broke down in your mad endeavour,
You eagered to be too close to Heavens
And you remained there for ever.

In solemnity of woeful dawns
There’s hidden deep silent mourn.
Rocks like idols — severe and dire —
Meet the soul aspiring higher.

Sudden fear — now lie on stones,
And fatigue — that spreads to the bones,
Strength drainage with fits of confusion
Facing live some dizzy illusion.

The aching heart stopped still like the sea after storm
When you lost control in your mad endeavour,
You eagered to be too close to Heavens
And you remained there for ever.

In the depth of skies you saw the light,
You felt off your head and cried “Oh, Savior!..”
You were too close to Heavens,
And you remained there for ever.
Track Name: No Way Back
Ignition sequence started
All the engines grew alive
Gathering its highest speed
The grey starship rushed into the sky
Will I see you again someday,
Oh my good old mother Earth?
Will I breath your air again
And retrace the steps to the land of my birth?

Gravity gave way
At the escape velocity
And presently I’ll hail
The stupendous Sea of Eternity
Through mysterious dark substance
Past Mars and Saturn, into the void
My ship will flow in silence
Within the vast realm of absolute cold.

Nothing but deep sorrow
Is as true as the cosmic night
Nothing but thought’s flow
Can be faster than the flashing speed of light!

Nebulae’s bizarre forms
Will emerge before my eyes
I’ll behold the far worlds
Of great burning and grinding ice
Only of weird black holes
No human eye will see a sign,
Devouring all that comes too close
Catching light, and twisting space and time!

After years of wandering
I will comprehend one day
That there is no way back
To the place from whence I came

Never more…

For line of Time has broken,
And thousands years have gone…
And space will forever be
My home.
Track Name: Revival
Endless night spreads its wings around me
Thread of years is torn
On the shore of the starlit sea
I am standing alone
And behind me the land lies lifeless
Ruins of ages of rage
Veiled in deep silent sorrow of lost ancient realms
Mysterious and strange.

Waves are rolling with music restless
While old mountains stand calm
And I’m thinking of those blessed days
When the world was still young.
But to blind and delirious madness
Hatred opened the gate
When the dark chaos was pierced with cries of repent
It was too late.

But one day time will heal the old wounds
Of the land tired from pain
Slender saplings will break the stones
Flowers will bloom here again.
And lost cities will rise from ashes
Songs of light will revive,
And the dust will be swept from pages
And Death will yield to Life.